I Am Mother (2019) Movie Review: What An Interesting Message!

Do you make mistakes while doing your work at the office? We all do but we have developed a very smooth way of covering it up- there are no excuses. We as an employee are always expected to deliver perfect work consistently, as close as, it can get to a robot. However, we are humans, and we make mistakes. What if we lived in a world where human errors were not considered at all?

This movie which was released recently on Netflix, directed by the first time director Grant Sputore and screenplay by Michael Lloyd Green, explores a world where humans are wiped out from the face of the earth by an AI. Starring Clara Rugaard-Larsen as the daughter, Hilary Swank as the woman who came from the outside, Luke Hakwer as the mother and Rose Byrne as the mother’s voice, this movie is sure to make you think about the concept of right and wrong.

In this movie, an AI after exterminating all the humans, start rebuilding the human world and creates a girl named Daughter, whom she takes care for like a human mother. This tells her bedtime stories, teaches her ballet, gives her lessons, takes tests, etc. Till this point, the movie is smooth sailing, even though we the audience have many questions popping up in our mind. Like, where are the other humans? Why are there no other humans? What happened to the world outside? Why is this AI creating babies? The audience is left in the dark regarding these questions up until the last few scenes, making it an interesting watch.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, a woman is seen stumbling on to the door where the AI and Daughter lived. This woman also doesn’t provide a clear picture to the Daughter or the audience regarding what is going on in the world outside. She just clears that the world outside is not toxic and humans can thrive outside. This woman also gives an intimation of other human survivors, but those end up being a lie. At this moment, the audience, as well as the daughter, realises that the things that were taught by her mother (AI) and told by the woman to her were all lies or partial truth. It is where the movie gets more interesting, as now, it is completely up to the Daughter to determine the steps that she wants to take to shape the future of the human species.

I really like the depiction of a real psychological dilemma that everyone goes through when they are growing up. We understand or are warned against the outside world since the time we are children, and learn about the deceptive and lying world when we grow and start to experience the world for ourselves. This is the exact crossroad where we find our protagonist. The decision she takes from there on is on her own, not influenced by the outside world or by her loved ones.

The cinematography of this film is extremely vivid and beautiful. This movie is well directed and edited. All the scenes were well choreographed, and the angles were clear. The cuts in-between scenes and the progression of scenes didn’t feel abrupt. So, overall, a good visual experience.

The main thing that impressed me apart from the theme is Luke Hakwer’s performance and diligence to make the character of Mother come alive. He was the spirit underneath the heavy, around 40kg, robotic shell. He was not only the one wearing it, but he also worked in creating and building the suit, which is extremely impressive.

Further, I was extremely impressed by Clara Rugaard-Larsen’s performance. Her expressions, body language, eye movements and, especially, the transition of the character seemed flawless and genuine. Though I also like Hilary Swank’s acting, her performance took a backstage against Clara and Hakwer’s performance. Rose Byrne’s dialogue delivery was well in sync with Luke’s body movements, and her soothing voice tone added more characters to Mother.

This is not a breathtaking, legendary movie, but it is a movie that you might enjoy watching and ponder on it for a while after it is over. So, if you are looking for an entertaining movie that will not leave you bored, then you can hit the play on for this movie.

Here is the trailer of the movie:

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Happy living!

Writer: Deepika Bhaduri
About: Movie Anatomie

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