Murder Mystery (2019) Movie Review: It Will Make You Chuckle If Not Laugh

Starring ever sexy Jennifer Aniston and ever effortlessly funny Adam Sandler, this movie revolves around, as the title says, a murder mystery. Though I liked the chemistry of these two actors on the screen, it seems that the movie has completely relied on them to generate its revenue.

In this movie, Audrey, played by Jennifer Aniston, is a hairdresser and an adherent reader of mystery novels is married to Nick, played by Adam Sandler, an honest cop who tells his wife that he is a detective, but has failed the exam of being one many times. On their fifteenth wedding anniversary, Nick, who loves his wife, but feels ashamed of his failures and low income, takes her on a Europe trip that he had promised her on their wedding day. All their fun and adventure starts on the plane to Europe where Audrey meets a mysterious, rich and handsome man, Charles Cavendish. He invites her and her husband to his uncle’s wedding on Mediterranean Queen, a luxurious yacht.

Written by James Vanderbilt, who is also known for the screenplay of a great suspense movie, Zodiac (2007), celebrates the two legendary actors (Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler), which is, as usual, fun to watch, but he did lack in delivering an interesting plot. However, it serves its purpose of entertaining its audience with light and comedy-crime movie.

The director, Kyle Newacheck, seemed to have been only invested in developing the character of Audrey and Nick. There has been no scene in the movie where these two characters didn’t evolve. One of the major flaws, according to me, was the main event, the mysterious-crime scene. Even after the mystery was uplifted, there were still certain loopholes left behind. However, as it’s a disposable and fun to watch, these loopholes don’t inhibit the entertainment quality of this film.

There were a few dialogues in this movie that were extremely funny. One of my favourite dialogue being- “All women are actresses, dear. I am just clever enough to get paid for it.” Watch this movie to know who said these lines.

More than a crime thriller, it is a comedy film that involves solving a crime. So, probably your the next question is, how was the humour? Well, as you know, this movie stars Adam Sandler, an expert in comic roles. So, you will see many humorous scenes and dialogues that will, at least, make you chuckle if not laugh.

Apart from the flawless performance by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, you will also see Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton perform well. Besides that, this movie does not have extraordinary qualities. It was edited and presented well, but other than that, it does not have much to deliver. If you watch it with an expectation of watching a serious Murder Mystery, you will be disappointed.

In the end, I would just say that, it is a fun movie to watch on weekends with family. So, around this weekend, you can plan to watch this comedy-thriller and have some fun, but don’t expect it to be an intense mystery-thriller movie that requires a lot of your attention.

* Forewarning, don’t watch the trailer of this movie as it will ruin your experience. The trailer is showing the whole movie but in short. Yes, it makes no sense!

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Cheers to the weekend!

Writer: Deepika Bhaduri
About: Movie Anatomie

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