Stranger Things (Season 3) Review: Want More Of Season One/Two, Watch Season Three

This season’s storyline seemed a bit stretched out. As if the writers, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, didn’t know how else to continue the story. So they repeated certain aspects of the season one and two, to create season three. However, one of the redeeming qualities of this season was its humorous scenes that had perfect timing and played out well.

Here is the trailer of the season:

Since season one, released in 15th July 2015, Stranger Things has captivated its audience with its suspense, thriller, mysterious creatures and their amazing depiction of supernatural powers. Well, all of those are still there in this season as well, but they have become quite predictable. Like, when Eleven throws the showcased red convertible in the mall at the Mindflayer. It reminded me of the first season- Eleven sitting behind Mike’s cycle lifting the car with her mind throwing it over their head to block the bad guys from catching them; something that awed the audience. However, as by season three, everyone knew Eleven’s powers, such scenes were paced-up, which, according to me, took away the wow factor of her powers.

Furthermore, the idea of a new organisation trying to take advantage of another world’s resources was quite similar to the first season’s plot. However, it was well introduced in this season. They showed Joyce Byers suspecting something, similar signs to what had happened in the first season, but when she goes out to check in the lab, she realises that she cannot be farther from the truth.

The best aspect of this season is that all the characters were trying to find the source of the unusual occurrences on their own, and at the end of the season, they all had something to contribute to solving the jigsaw puzzle, as to where the source of these unusual occurrences is taking place. In the last few episodes, they all come together at the epicentre, that is the Starcourt Mall, and tried to put their mind together to stop the evil corporation and the evil entity (Mindflayer).

Another visually commendable thing was the way they worked on the ’80s set, the way they decorated the mall, the cliché aspect of Russians being the bad guys, and simple detailing like the costumes added to the appeal of this season.

Even though there was not much to add to the plot, but there was a progression of characters. These characters who were once kids and were trying to solve the mysteries of Mindflayer had grown up. Now, they are teenagers. The conflicts of the teenage time, the aspect of recognizing oneself in relation to the other sex, etc. were depicted to the point, and added to the plot, making it more interesting to watch. Not only did the series deal with the relationship between teenagers, but it also dealt with mature and grown-up relationships.

In this season, Joyce Byers’s new crush was Jim Hopper. Though she still remembered her old boyfriend, Bob Newby, who died saving her and her family, she was seen moving forward, which was good as it made this series progressive. Furthermore, in this season, the writers also showed progression in the characters who once were teenagers, like, Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers and Steve Harrington. Specifically, it was shown through Steve and Robin’s friendship, and Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship problems. Whereas Steve and Robin’s friendship added humour to the series, Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship added maturity and deep to the characters.

If I recommend you to watch this series, it will be only because of its humour. It was on point. To be honest, I wouldn’t tell you how this series was funny and kill it, but I will highly recommend you to experience it for yourself. So ultimately, this is a perfect series that you can watch right after coming back from office. I assure you, this season will not drag to down.

Another best aspect of this series is the actors. They all have performed extremely well, and any day, I am a huge fan of Winona Ryder. However, I found Millie Bobby Brown a little distracted in the initial episodes but later makes up for it. If I have to pick one person who gave the best performance, I will say, David Harbour as Jim Hopper, his performance is a must-watch.

In short, this season is an entertaining watch with a few unexpected turns, but if you are having high expectations and thinking it will be like the first season, you might get disappointed. Furthermore, I will also like to add, if you have not watched the first two seasons, you can still enjoy watching season three. Yes, this series is linked, but they provide a brief recap that will fill you in on what is happening. So do a catch-up on this series on Netflix after office.

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Writer: Deepika Bhaduri
About: Movie Anatomie

One thought on “Stranger Things (Season 3) Review: Want More Of Season One/Two, Watch Season Three

  1. In this season Billy was a much scarier threat than the ‘omnipotent’ Mindflayer. In this season MF (lol) was not the scary shadow that lurked in the darkness, but more a huge blob of meat who could find a bunch of kids behind a store desk and was tortured to almost death by fire crackers (I’m pretty sure nobody keeps dynamite or TNT inside a shopping mall). He had alien vs predator style extendible mouths coming out from everywhere which were not scary at all – just disgusting to look at.
    Eleven can easily use her powers to spy on multiple people when she’s doing it for fun, but the same becomes a tedious task in life threatening situations. I don’t see how this is exciting at all. At the most its an – ‘Aaa not again’ type of situation.
    The kids are pretty much useless except Suzie.
    The only character arc that was worth anything was Chief Hopper, although he could have easily escaped his death by running into the chamber with Joyce instead of standing there and giving that approving nod. But then the ending would have been terrible had it not been for his death.
    Its an okay season to watch, but it really lacks the thrill of the previous seasons. I hope they end this series here instead of dragging it more and doing a Game of Thrones.

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