Luka Chuppi (2019) Movie Review: Creating A Bridge b/w Old and The Newer Generation

Many viewers of this movie might suddenly feel alienated by the factor that the script is highly strange and exaggerated. But is it? Is live-in relationship and dating not really a thorn in the side of the society? You might say No, it isn’t. But trust me when I say it is.

People living in the metro cities might not relate it altogether, but still, it is indeed a big deal here as well. I am a single girl living in Delhi all by myself. Many will understand when I say that being a single woman or a man trying to get a house without any intervention and questions from the landlord and the neighbourhood is a real bear. I have literally been evicted from my house in the middle of the night because I had a friend over at my house who was a boy. Since then, I have taken houses on rent where the landlord is not present or does not really bother themselves about the events in my life. To bring to your notice, I have not really been successful in attaining the factor of someone not being bothered about my life. I have always come across a neighbourhood aunty passing a judgemental stare, or the broker who helped me find the house sharing some ethical and moral knowledge with me acting like my second father who appears to be more responsible than my real father, by the way!

In that light I will say, Luka Chuppi is a movie which is deeply rooted in Indian society. Hailing from a small town, Guddu and Rashmi want to defy the rules of the society and take their relationship a level up, which is a live-in relationship. In a country where to fall in love and to choose a partner is almost a leisure and arrange marriage is more of a norm that is acceptable, this movie can be seen as a message from the youth to the older generations. Being a movie of the comic genre helps it to introduce the message subtly with a dose of laughter. The writer Rohan Shankar tries to make a commentary on society. But, it could have been perhaps a little more wholehearted.

We have often come across movies with couples of the modern days struggling with society and self which were unable to make a mark and were pretty absurd (Does Shuddh Desi Romance ring a bell? Ya, cringe-worthy reminder isn’t it?). However, this movie set in Mathura tries to give the real feel of the youth belonging to conservative families who try to date but often fail to because of the orthodox concept that the people hold on to very tightly with no iota of leniency. Rashmi’s father, Trivedi Ji played by the versatile actor Vinay Pathak stands as the symbol of these ideologies, so much so that, he keeps his wife under a veil. His party following the rightist ideologies rebukes and does not shy away to maim lovers, a phenomenon which is not really unknown to us. His daughter Rashmi in a relationship with Guddu is more of a strong-headed and domineering partner who takes the relationship on the track of living-in together. Guddu who is more of a shy guy dreamily follows his lady-love into it.

The entire movie then makes you laugh when the couple is trying to deal with a stereotypical nosy aunty in the first half set in Gwalior and then the couple trying to actually get married without the family members knowing about the fact that they were living together without marriage prior to their discovery. This factor, however, is not a surprise to the viewers as the trailer makes the movie and its plot pretty obvious.

Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon do justice to their roles. Kriti is not really different in her role when it comes to being compared with her role as Bitti in Bareilly Ki Barfi. Kartik with his array of expressions makes the desperation, emotional annoyance, and the struggle of the character all the more real. Belonging to a small town himself, Kartik is on his way to stardom with a long queue of followers undoubtedly. Actors like Pankaj Tripathi though attain success in making the audience laugh at his comic timings and confirms his versatility yet once again, his eye-piercing fashion statement and the built of his character does injustice to the actor in him. Someone running a dance class-cum- real estate business and a bachelor in his mid-age is used simply for amusement and not really built as a real character. Again actor like Aparshakti Khurana who plays an important role of the best friend of Guddu gets some amusing dialogues to deliver and display his acting prowess actively. Nonetheless, the casting unit is a contributing factor in making the movie acceptable despite loopholes.

The cinematography by Milind Jog with the direction of Laxman Utekar grasps the experience of Mathura and Gwalior beautifully. The lakesides, the monuments, and the markets make the viewer travel these places along with the actors.

The music is funky and in sync with the actors and situations, which is to say they do not seem to drag or are not out of place. The dialogues are hilarious at times when Guddu and Rashmi struggle to get married and get caught up in unfortunate events leading the audience to roll on their seats.

What seemed to be a troublesome factor about the movie is that marriage and saath phera seemed to be the only solution to this battle against living-in relationship or love as a whole. As a part of the youth, I found myself waiting for them to come to the conclusion where they would toss away the idea of displaying a social marriage as the most important aspect of proving love to oneself. Also, the role of Vinay Pathak as a bigot and conservative politician is easily forgiven at the end of the movie. The end scene where he gets his way out and wins the election ironically comments on how people in India often can get manipulated by the politician and their ideologies.

So, I will say that, yes, it is an important movie with some needed commentary on the traditions of society, but it could have perhaps been more neatly weaved together. After all, we do not want to sit after two days and try to recall what really brought the guffaw while watching the movie in the theatre.

Viewers who like masala, comedy movie, and of course the new heartthrob Kartik Aryan should definitely go for the movie. It is not a waste of time or money to watch some great actors amuse you for two hours.

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Until next time! Let’s Love fearlessly!

Writer: Poulomi Das
About: Movie Anatomie

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