Vienna waits for you (Short Film Review): This Might Haunt You

Watch the movie here:

  • Director: Dominik Hartl
  • Screenplay: Sarah Wassermair
  • Music Director: Paul Gallister
  • Anna: Petra Staduan
  • Property Manager: Alexander Fennon
  • Old Landlady: Traute Furthner
  • Doctor: Adele Neuhauser
  • Daniel (ex-boyfriend): Moritz Vierboom
  • Runtime: 26 minutes and 17 seconds
  • Release Date: 17th April 2012

It is funny, how just to add some thrill into our mundane lives, we lookout for horror/thriller movies. Usually, on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or it could very well be just me. However, after setting my mind on watching a horror movie, what could be more horrifying to watch than a movie that makes you realize how a ‘mundane life’ is not that mundane as the creepy and monstrous old age lurks in every corner of every day, slowly creeping on to us.

Now, in this short movie, the writer Sarah Wassermair speeds up the ageing process of the protagonist (Anna), as well as cuts down the movie time from a lifetime to 26 minutes and 17 seconds. She does all that by placing Anna in an apartment that makes its occupants age before time and later absorbs them. Now, what could be scarier?

Anna Sobetzki, played by Petra Staduan, the new tenant of the apartment determines to put up a fight against this apartment, without sacrificing herself or her morals.

For me, the plot of this movie has three dimensions that progress in phases as the movie proceeds:

First, drawing a parallel between the protagonist’s internal mood and external situation: Gone through a recent breakup, Anna tries her best to move on by starting a new life and getting rid of her ex’s memories. Like in every breakup, Anna struggles too to detach. This internal commotion is externally depicted by the ‘Apartment’ that finds it difficult to get rid of its old pieces of furniture and wallpaper. Like, the memories of an ex that repeatedly comes to haunt one; the furniture and the wallpaper in her apartment keeps reappearing.

Second, imitation of life: Like every sane person, Anna too tries to fight and escape her predefined fate. However, she does not want the way out of the apartment at the Apartment’s terms. So, later, she takes the only option that was available to her, where the apartment doesn’t win, and she too does not lose her morals. She accepts the inescapable aspect of life, death.

Third, making the audience conscious of the running time: The time within the apartment moves faster in contrast to the world outside (within the film as well as in the real world/the audience’s world). So, whatever takes place in that apartment is like a prologue to what is to come. This, according to me, gives an effect of the ghost from the movie ‘The Ring’, where the ghost crawls out of a TV screen. Creepy!

All the actors performed well, and each shot in this movie is carefully placed by Director, Dominik Hartl. Even though it is a short film, Dominik, did not abruptly cut the scenes. He maintained a continuity which added to the clarity of the plot.

The music in the movie was also cleverly placed. Like, behind a comical scene, no background music was added, whereas, behind a serious one, there was. Thus, enhancing the depth of the scene.

The overall sense of the movie is thoughtful and induced with humour caused by helplessness, and just because, they are dealing with topics such as old age and death, it also maintains the horror/the disturbing aspects.

This movie is not for changing one’s mood. It is an art based movie which is beautifully shot, and that also comically handles the serious subjects.

Usually, I write ‘enjoy’ at the end of my reviews but, this time I will end with by saying:

Please, don’t overthink as this is not one of those movies whose aftertaste is pleasant. So, it would be safe to say, best of luck!

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Finally, write a comment in the section below about your experience of watching this movie. Did you get creeped out and also a bit sad after consciously realising that time is always moving away from you?

Writer: Deepika Bhaduri
About: Movie Anatomie

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